Baneful Herbs

I recently purchased some baneful herbs from The Pumpkin and the CauldronHenbane, Belladonna and Datura – as my personal poison garden is not yet a garden, still working on it. I’ve been wanting to work with them for awhile and made the decision to as I feel like I’ve been called to do so. They made it through Customs which was a relief!

I’m not sure as to how I’m going to use them, strictly speaking, its best to get to know them first. It’s a strange thing because I feel like the Nightshades are calling me, but the less scary family member Black/Common Nightshade is very prevalent around my yard with more seemingly popping up all the time. One of the plants is re-flowering, not too long ago it looked like it was going into hibernation so it’s curious.

Little will be said for right now on how I think I will be moving forward with these herbs. Next blog post shall explain why. Things are changing for me right now, going in an interesting direction that I’m tentatively exploring. It’s kind of hard to explain but as it stands, the next few months should be quite interesting for me. Spiritually speaking.