Diary of a Pumpkin Carving

This year I decided I wanted to have a carved pumpkin for Halloween. Although I know it is not technically an Australian holiday, it is one I embrace because it is so much fun (and gives a witch a legitimate excuse to eat chocolate and watch Hocus Pocus!).

The first step is to pick your pumpkin. The supermarkets usually have them every year for Halloween so it shouldn't be too hard to buy one. I'm planning to take the seeds from my pumpkin and grow my own for next year!

The second step is to choose your design and apply to pumpkin. I chose a witch on a broomstick - I find the Jack-O-Lantern faces a little boring.

The third step is to begin the carving. It can be a hard process, a paring knife is a good knife to use but if you're really keen into it, there are proper Pumpkin Carving sets to be found online.

The fourth step is to clean off the pen/pencil stencil outline when the pumpkin carving is finished.

The fifth and most fun step is to stand back and admire your handiwork. Feel proud of your carving skill! If you think your skills leave a little to be desired, then enjoy the effort! I've put a ceramic pumpkin top on mine, it's from a totally cute pumpkin lolly jar.

The sixth step is to take the finished pumpkin into a dark room and see how your pumpkin will look at night. Mine looks fabulous doesn't it?

Round of applause for my stepdad who carved this marvelous pumpkin for me!