I Am The Morrigan

I am the Morrigan. The Phantom Queen, the Great Queen and Queen of the Fae. Men fear me, for I also stand at the battle field and wait for those who have passed to come to me. I am seen as Death, as Fate and as a Demon Queen but that is not all of who I am. History has not been kind to my legend, but I must say I am not Morgan le Fay, I do not command demons and I do not collect souls out of spite or pleasure.

I am The Morrigan.

I am the Phantom Queen, Queen of the Fae, but I am also Patroness of Priestesses and Witches, a Goddess of Magick and Queen of the Witches. Those who follow the old ways, those of the Craft are my daughters, my legacy. My divinity and who I am shines through their magick, their power. When they look to a scrying mirror, crystal ball or tarot deck they will feel my power, my strength and my guidance. I transform energy into will; I help create renewal from death. As the water runs pure so does my strength.

On the night when the moon is dark, call to me. Drink a tea of Mugwort, burn Willow and look deep into your Obisidian crystal or scrying mirror and you will see me, you will hear me. My message will come to you and you will know it is me. So too will you know it is me when the Crow calls to you. Heed her well for she has something to tell you.

I am Queen, I am Goddess and I am Magick.

I am the Morrigan.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes, for The Morrigan has also visited me and was foretold by the calling of crows at 1:15 in the morning before She blessed me with Her presence. If I may, I would like to call on The Morrigan, using Her specific instructions. I know everybody's story is special to them, but one day I would love to share mine with you as to how I was brought before The Morrigan. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Blessed Be!

    1. You can if you like, I was just the messenger in this case.

  2. This post resonates with something inside. I've never worshipped the Morrigan, but Crow has been my chosen ally since late 60's or early 70s. (I don't know if she chose me too, but I'm hopeful.) The reference to the Willow and Crow and especially to Obsidian lead me to feel a strong affection for this goddess. Affection? Well, cautious affection. My one true goddess of choice is and always will be the Goddess Moon, but their is room for others, yes? Excellent post. Genuine. Be you blessed, you and yours. Bran th' Blessed.


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