Besom Project Part 3 – The Finished Product

I have completed my besom, my first ever handcrafted by me witchy tool. I chose the herbs and let them dry for a week (they are continuing their drying process on the besom). I am really happy with the end result because I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have much in the way of artistic vision – I’m better with words than with art.

Anyways….TADAA here is the finished besom.

Here is the brush part, as you can see the herbs are attached with twine, I also decided to add a purple ribbon, mostly because I just love the colour purple.

I really do love it, it is completely me so I know the besom and I will have a lot of fun together.


  1. My gosh, this is beautiful! If this is the product of little artistic vision, then I pray for the creative ability of those who have none.

    Also, words have a funny way of creating internal pictures and ideas, which can be turned into reality. :]


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