My Halloween Pumpkin

This year my pumpkin is a cat under a full moon. I love cats and since I have two cats now, this pumpkin is in honour of my darling Bella and Mojo!! Again, I roped my ever suffering stepdad into carving for me (I'm seriously dangerous with a sharp implement) and doing the hard bit. Luckily there were no serious injuries!!

Here is my fabulous pumpkin, my stepdad got up and emptied it this morning!

My stencil of the kitty and full moon!

The stencil on the pumpkin, it's a bit faint but you can sort of see it.

The finished carved product!

Tonight I will set out my pumpkin and let her glow her little behind off. I'm thinking that once the candle runs out I might put a solar light in there, that way she'll be multi-coloured!!

I will post a photo of her in her shining glory tomorrow!

Here it was, it didn't shine as bright as I had hoped but oh well, it still looked fab when you saw it in person.