The Mandrake Project - Baby No. 2

Mandrake number two has popped up. So excited. The two of them, even as small as they are, have such strong energy. The second one is not as big as the first one, but we shall see how they progress. They do put out a bit of power already so I think they are going to be incredible to work with. I still have 9 other seeds I planted so I am waiting to see if they come up but still - I have two mandrakes!



  1. Congratulations :o))
    That's Awesome!!
    Out of the 50 white sage seeds I planted - I have 1 plant popping through the soil. (YAY - I think they were a dud bunch of seeds, so to have one is exciting).
    A few of my other herbs are starting to poke their lovely heads through the soil too.
    I'm hoping to plant some Marigolds this weekend...need them to make some ointment for a friend.
    Happy Successful Gardening my fellow Witchy Friend :o)


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