Awesome Xmas Haul!

I got some really fabulous Xmas presents!

The Cup of Destiny - for tasseography.

This is a handcrafted tarot cabinet made for me by my stepdad. There are some more pictures further down,
it really is stunning up close and personal.

Finally a proper sized witchy cauldron, it's a size 3, 11 litre potjie pot.
It is 26cm high with a 24.5cm diameter, weights about 7kg I reckon.

Cute watering can, an ebook collection of old cookbooks (some over 100yrs old) and the Naked Chef.

This darling little cutie is Henry the Pilot Bear, how adorable is he? He came with a certificate and everything!

Who doesn't love purple cookwear?

This is my window oil infusion grandstand.

This is the top of the tarot cabinet, it is an adaptation of the Moon card from the RW deck. It is handpainted.

This is the front of the cabinet, hand pyrographed.

This is the inside of it, lined with plenty of space for more tarot/oracle decks!!


  1. I love how your family is behind you in your craft. The cabinet is great. You are a fortunate woman. Happy New Year.

  2. Maybe I should have said I love how your family supports you.... not sure if I made sense with that comment. Have a great week.

    1. I understood what you meant. I am very lucky, my parents have always supported my choice.

  3. WOW...that is indeed an awesome haul....
    You are very lucky to have your family's support...I could only dream of that happening to me (I come from a long line of devout born again Christians who have since judged me and found me not worthy of their time).
    Your stepdad has done a fantastic job on the tarot cabinet!!!
    AND who doesn't like purple cookware!!! LOL....
    I'm glad you had a lovely day!!

  4. Lovely goodies!What sweet and thoughtful gifts,made all the sweeter by the love and support that inspired them.Season's Blessings to you!

  5. Wow! You hit the jackpot! I love love love that tarot cabinet. What a special gift!


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