Here are some photos of the things I've been up to lately. Mostly I've been experiementing with new ideas for my store.

Ancestor Oil infusing in the sun, I  used DB Resin to give it a nice red glow, I was thinking of a whole 'representing the blood of the ancestors' ideal.

Unfortunately it sort of end up being a bit mud brown but I can work with that, after all the land is also our ancestor and mine were quite involved in the Australian land as they came over here in the First Fleet (yes they were convicts), however most ended up being farmers and landowners.

This is my Ancestor incense. I think if I put it in my store it will be slightly more ground down that this, but I like burning herbal incense. It really has a strong evocation during workings.

This was the base for my Faery Ointment I made on Litha. I love looking through it, it is almost like a whole other world inside the jar.

This is the finished product. It wasn't quite set yet when I took the photo but it is now a lovely pale butter yellow colour.

This is my Flying Oil. Not sure if I am going to make it into an ointment or leave it as an oil as yet.

So this is what I've been up to lately. I am also drying a whole heap of Catnip for my website and will be drying copious amounts of Wormwood once I prune the tree. When it's cooler.....much cooler!


  1. Well done....they look awesome!!
    I do know what you mean about this heat - 45 degrees today, this little witch is melting!!!!
    Stay Cool :o)


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