Candle Making Adventures

I’m doing an online class on Candle Magick, it’s an area that fascinates me and I do a lot of workings with candles. Since it was a choose-your-own assignment I decided to make an Earth candle. This candle is to help me achieve my inner Earth power, work better with Earth energies and also to be able to transfer that energy to the garden (and also to connect me with Mother Nature and all her lovely earthy garden delights) in order to help my garden become abundant and new seeds to grow strong and healthy.

My ingredients were fairly standard, as was my equipment. Being an earth candle I went for green dye, earth herbs and a nice little hit of patchouli oil to give it a well rounded earthy scent. I used part paraffin wax and part beeswax. People may scoff slightly at the use of paraffin wax but I didn’t have much beeswax and eco palm and soy is not easy to track down. (I refuse to use straight soy or palm given its environmental implications). Paraffin is what I had on hand in the form of some old pillar candles.

I went old school, did nothing fancy, using a double boiler to melt the wax in an old drink can. This I then poured into the mould and let it set. It wasn’t quite smooth sailing because the top of the candle kept sinking. I eventually managed to get it mostly dipp-less at the top but it will definitely be a work in progress.

I really had a fantastic time making it, am quite enamoured of it actually. I have to make two more candles for the class but it is something I will definitely do more of!

P.S The candle smells absolutely gorgeous!


  1. HI. I use to make candles all the time. I got out of the practice because I had to leave my supplies in KY with my mother when I moved. Anyway, I just wanted to caution you. While herbs are wonderful in candles from a magical standpoint, they do present a fire hazard. As it burns those herbs near enough to flame will catch fire and can fall onto your surfaces. So when burning do be careful! I speak from personal experience. I nearly burned a desk I had the candle sitting on one day because of the herbs.

    If you want to still include herbs but have it a little safer, instead of putting it directly in the wax, make your candle without. Then mix some other wax and herbs, lay it out flat and roll your candle in it. Make sure your was is just hot enough where it is still fluid but not hot enough to burn skin. I would try an old cookie sheet with wax paper over it for your surface.

    1. I'm aware, I've not had problems with it before but I tend not to leave them unattended. This was more of an experiement so it'll help me iron out the kinks.

  2. Excellent work CW....I have always been fascinated with candle making but have never tried it...guess I need to be a bit less lazy huh!!!!


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