Merlin & Morgana

So, as mentioned in my birthday post, I got Merlin Season 3, having watched season 1 & 2 on UKTV I really wanted to know what happened next. Given my impatient nature I promptly purchased seasons 4 & 5. Then 1 & 2 so I had a complete set.

Anyway, I adored Morgana went she went "bad", I felt so sorry for her half the time when nothing she did turned out the way she expected. Don't get me wrong, I love love love Merlin as he is funny and so much fun but Morgana definitely appealed to the witch within.

I would love to be a HP of the Old Religion (wait...I am) in Merlin style, how fun would it have been? There are flashes of identifiable workings in this, however I did get a bit up it in one episode where they referred to Beltaine as a time to call spirits (Samhain anyone?), but overall it represented Magic (or sorcery as it was called most of the time) in an interesting, balanced light.

I am totally considering adopting the term 'Sorceress' now! Although Hedge Sorceress sounds a bit odd. Although funky, I'll grant you. (Yes my inner nut is coming out now), but seriously, if you get to check it out or see the series at your local dvd store grab it and settle in for a Merlin marathon, you can never just watch one and turn it off.

I loved her dress as she fully merged to 'Bad Morgana', so cool, I would totally wear it.

I also loved the simplicity of her makeup and the adornment of green. I believe this is to symbolise her connection to the Earth and also to represent her being a 'High Priestess of the Old Religion'.

Inside her cottage once she fled Camelot, aside from the not quite sealed roof, who wouldn't love their own perfect witch's cottage in the woods?

Hmm, potion making...still loving the cottage.

Merlin is an awesome tv series, yes it is a bit lighter given it's a family show so how dark Morgana could have been had it been rated up...I only dream. But it is funny without being camp, the humour is excellent but then being British I would expect no less, the costumes are divine and the scenery... can I just drool on the scenery for a while. Also, the series themselves are not that long (each season is 13 episodes I believe) so it is very fast paced - something is always going on.

And did I mention the Dragon? I do so love Dragons.


  1. I loved the dragon.

  2. I love the dragon too, and his voice!
    ..In a land of myth and a time of magic....
    I always get in such a happy place when i hear that line!!


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