Nature Spirits/Gods

This post is going to seem strange considering I profess to be of the Atheist/Animist persuasion but somehow these ideas and thoughts of Gods and Spirits have been popping into my mind more often than not lately. I can’t say why, I’ve not even begun to explore the importance or meaning of it, but the medium I use most to sort out my thoughts is writing so it ends up in my blog consciously or not. I was reading a post by Woden’s Wandering Witch – again a mysterious signpost perhaps, given my odd dream featuring a wolf called Woden, and it was on the topic of liminal gods – the ones without name who don’t belong to a particular pantheon, the wild spirits and powers of nature, those who walk in shadow and light, existing on a primal level deep in the heart of the world seen and unseen.

They are there, in our world, just outside of our world, straddling the veil, holding the very power of the green world in their hands. Do I know them? Do I have names for them? No. Much like Morgan, I see them as the Green Woman, the Green Man, the Lord of the Wildhunt, The Lady of the Forest Shadows – I think that the names perhaps don’t exactly state their nature, but the truth of who they are remains hidden, to be experienced when the green world touches your own. Are they Fae? Are they Old Ones, before time, before speech, who owned the pathways of the land, who tender the energy within the soil beneath our feet, who tremble the earth and flood the plains, who can give and take on a whim, who grow the forests to hide their kin, to give freer roam to creatures and beings, who walk behind us, with us, in us? I cannot say, I dare not name them for who am I to give them names? They are primal, powerful and green. They are who we seek when we walk the green pathways. As a Green Witch and fledgling Hedge Witch I know on my twisted, winding road I will find them, I want to learn from them, as I walk my first steps along the Poison Path, I ask for their guidance, their wisdom to show me roads not yet traveled, roads I want to walk but almost fear to tread.

These powers are those that walk beyond borders, who create the borders, who guide wandering souls and show them the darker roads, the green roads, the powerful roads, they do not do so lightly nor do they show just anyone, you have to be a willing initiate, giving yourself over to the powers of the green world. It cannot be done lightly, for it is not a simple matter of partaking on occasion, this path is one you must be committed to, ready to open your soul, your heart, your mind to. There are no half measures, for the Green world is one that cannot be defined, but it can be experienced. And so too these powers, the Spirits and Gods of the Green world can be experienced.