Having A Bit of Herbal Fun

I've been fairly quiet lately but that is because I've been doing so much. Friday I decided to have myself a bit of herbal fun in the kitchen and do some experimenting. My stepdad wanted me to make him a salve for his cracked heels and I was testing out something I read online to help with dandruff.

The Cracked Heel Salve, you can read my post about it on my herbal witch blog.

And this is my bi-carb based dandruff treatment also posted about on my herbal witch blog. It made my hair boof a little, putting some of the natural wave in it after I brushed it. Usually my hair boofs when I wash it and leave it to dry but flattens out when I comb it, this seemed to keep the wave in.

I figured, I'm a herbalist so I best start acting like one!