My Forest

I’m a bit of a dreamer, although most of the time I am grounded in practical reality, I do like to let myself wonder to far off places in my mind, imagining what I could do, where I could go and what I would love to see. I am a follower of the Green Path and I work every day to try and build on that, create places around my home that invite in the wild spirits and those unnamed who walk through the natural world. Lately I’ve been feeling as though I am being pulled toward another ambition within the Green Path. To create something larger and lasting, something that will live beyond my lifetime and flourish, offering a haven for the spirits, the Unnamed Ones and the wildlife that lives in my small corner of SA.

This is my block, all the way down to the second shed.

I am going to create a forest – or at least the small beginnings of one. Before you think I’ve cracked my head on something hard, this is a long term project, perhaps not even fully realised in its potential in my lifetime but I am willing to commit myself to trying. My brother had a block of land just round the corner from our house, but since he no longer wants it, he is selling it to me (reduced rate – got to love brothers) instead. It’s about an acre and a half I think, and perhaps one day I will build my own house on it (the part not used for forest), but for now, one half is going to be dedicated to my plan to create a forest. I’ve been busily organising and purchasing trees, some I will grow myself. I have right now, an English Elm, an English Oak (babies from our own Oak), a Yew and an Elder, although the Elder I may still plant up here at home with our other fruit trees. I have on layby at the nursery an Ash and a Norwegian Maple. I am planning to grow Hawthorn, Blackthorn (Sloeberry), Rowan, Juniper, possibly Snowberry and likely more Elder. I also have a bit of a dream to put a little cabin in the middle with a pergola covered in purple Wisteria.

Yes, I really am a dreamer. But I am a Green Witch; I want to create a lovely place full of mystery and wonder. I think about adding bulbs like bluebells (I am in love with English meadows that are filled with them), ferns, herbs and flowers. It will be a magical place all my own where I can just revel in the wonders of nature. Will it work? Who knows? Half the plants aren’t really practical for my climes but I have hope. We’ve had a particularly wet May and it looks like June will be following in that vein so the ground will be wonderfully wet and nourished. If this continues on into the spring season, the trees will get an excellent start. I’m tempted to also add in a pond – but that might be pushing it. The heat we get in summer – the darn thing would dry up!

It will very much be a long term project – this is something that I will be committed to for the rest of my life as long as I am able. A living testament to my commitment to creating a green world, of giving back and inviting in wildlife so that the issues created by today’s consumerist society can be battled. Plus who wouldn’t love to have their own wood or forest created by their hand? I am nervous because it is such a large thing to take on, I have to pace myself and not do to much at once, little by little I think is the best way to approach this. I am excited though because I feel like this is what I am meant to do, even if it just for my own personal enjoyment, I am creating something natural and beautiful that will hopefully remain long after I’m gone….

The fun part is thinking up a name – every wood should have its own name.


  1. That is so inspirational Stacey...I really LOVE that idea and you must have a great brother to sell you this lovely plot of land for a reduced rate...
    We were only talking about doing the same thing yesterday - we were walking around the botanical gardens near us and decided we want to buy a plot of land - maybe 2 acres - and make our own version of the botanic gardens for our own use....we would like to have power on our land so we can drive there in our motorhome and live on it when we want..
    Fantastic idea and I hope you can make your dream come true and can't wait to hear about how it is all going....
    Keep up the "green" work :o)


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