Week Ahead Reading

Monday 5th August

Using the Wildwood Tarot

Nine of Vessels – Generosity

It can be easy to forget, when we reach the pinnacle of our prowess, power and security, that life is cyclical and what we enjoy during the times of plenty are the products of previous toil and effort. Just like the wise farmer, we must manage good fortune by planting seeds for the future and by helping those facing hard times. This generosity will always come back to you a thousandfold if it is gifted with selfless good will and a common humanity. To recognize and acknowledge that you are merely a conduit for this abundant enriching blessing, and to let it flow through and into others’ lives, allows your good fortune to circulate and your positive momentum to carry others with you. By freely giving of your time, support and energy, the blessing of the divine surrounds you. In this cynical and material world, such things may seem to have little value, but those who have experienced the process in their own lives understand that, in the words of Theodore Rubin: ‘ Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom’.

2 – The Seer

The time has come to focus your power and let it flow through you. Many dreams or desires related to the creative emotional process are ready to be applied in your day – to – day life and you must now give vent to those hidden or suppressed longings. This may also relate to healing, sexual relationships or partnerships. Now the manifestations of inner spiritual or esoterics insights into your practical and physical daily life will bring profound rewards and results. It is a sign of maturity. The Seer also relates to creative impulses such as art, mechanical skills and crafts, the joy of bringing pleasure and knowledge to others.

Ace of Stones – The Foundation of Life

The concept of the material world as a solid, unchanging thing has evolved with our understanding of the cosmos. Human beings seem unique in their ability to interact with the material world and yet have a foot in the otherworld of the mind, imagination and creative will. To be connected to the Earth and the power that resides there allows us to draw from this primal source and direct the power of our minds to create changes in our world. The concept that the realms of matter and the realms of the mind are totally separate and detached is now outmoded and verifiably untrue. The primal rock is decorated with ancient cup – and – ring markings to express the emergence of creation and the cycles of energies within the universal consciousness and the still and stable point from which to plan and empower your life, fulfilling your material dreams.

This is an interesting reading, positive, which is always nice. The Nine of Vessels had me stumped for a minute, I tend to think of myself as generous, I’ve always been told that I am. Of course I am as selfish as anyone else sometimes too. I refer to myself as ‘conditionally selfish’ which is perhaps not in the spirit of open generosity or kindness, however I do give my time to people should they need it. I think the lesson ahead for the week is to perhaps keep this in mind, maybe it is something I need to work on, especially as I progress forward in my career as a herbalist and in my personal path as a witch which often crosses over with my professional/career path.

The Seer is my favourite card, or at least one of my favourite cards. She stands over a cauldron of knowledge and pushes you to face your inner power and strength. I am taking steps to create a curriculum of sorts for myself to really begin to embrace my spiritual path and grow as a witch, herbalist and healer. To think that this could be ‘proufoundly rewarding’ is exciting and frightening at the same time, but I am looking forward to this new sector of my journey. Could be very interesting.

The last card is also fascinating because it ties in nicely with the other two whilst also delivering its own independent message. To know that my wishes, my dreams have every option of coming true with focus and clarity is making me very happy. There are things I have always wanted to achieve but as time goes on you begin to wonder if you can. This reading gives me hope that in the coming week I will begin to embrace my dreams and hopefully manifest the life I am hoping for.

I like this reading, it is reassuring to know that good things are out there, but also that I am moving in the right direction. Combining the lessons and messages of the cards shows me that spiritually and in practical life, all things are possible. Dare to dream and the dream will become reality.