Oak Awakening

It's no secret that I love my Oak, more so than any other tree in our yard, and when I eventually move to my own home (working on it), the first thing I will be planting is an Oak. We have a couple growing in pots, they are slow growers but magnificent and magical trees. My particular Oak is a Quercus Robur - or
English Oak.

I can always tell when spring is coming alive, the Oak awakes from slumber ready to greet the world. The Greenman is alive and celebrating the lush veil of nature that begins to come alive. 

A tree of rulership, power, faery, otherworld, strength, endurance, protection and generosity.

Little buds are protected by their older, more formed cousins as they wait their turn to become leaves.

It always reminds me of a tree in a bayou in Lousiana at this stage because it is part leaf, with hanging buds yet to open, the whole effect is quite incredible.

Carrying a piece of Oak with you brings good luck - but it is important to remember to ask the tree first.

The roots of an Oak mirror its canopy size wise. So the roots on ours are quite substantial.

Oak is truly the King of the Magical Trees. It is powerful, full of energy yet almost quiet in its existence. My tree has a particularly powerful energy running through it, simply placing my hand on the trunk gives me a jolt, a feeling of energy surging up my arm and into my body. 


  1. One of my favs too - I wish I could put an OAK in my garden, but it's too small to accommodate one....


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