Week Ahead Reading

(It's a bit late this time)

Monday 16th September

Using the DruidCraft tarot

Eight of Pentacles

This is the card of the student and apprentice, and finding it in a reading may indicate that you are developing your skills, undergoing special training or working with a sense of quiet satisfaction and focus on the matter at hand. You might decide to begin regular savings, or to work carefully on creating a legacy for future generations – developing projects, land or buildings with love and attention to detail. It has been said that work is love in action, and here you have a chance to prove this, taking pride and pleasure in your abilities, and in your steady progress.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess seems to bar our way forward. Her body, channeling the power of the Goddess and the moon, and her altar, with its symbols of severity and secret knowledge, make us pause in our journey. Now is a time for entering the stillness. Don’t be in a rush to move forward in your journey. True passivity as demonstrated by the High Priestess is strong and fertile, and should not be mistaken for weakness or inertia. It is through this spiritual way of ceasing the driveness of the every day self and of opening to the inner promptings of our dreams and intuition, that we find the ‘Royal Road of the Unconscious’ – a term used by Sigmund Freud, who went on to suggest that dream analysis could take us on this road towards a more complete sense of self. Be open to your dreams and intuitions, and allow the Mysteries to unfold within your being.

Three of Pentacles

Work flourishes as you build on previous efforts. This is the card of increase and of craft – of the skilled use of matter and intelligence to create works of beauty and value. You may well find yourself receiving financial rewards or praise and appreciation for your efforts. Work may still need to be done, or improvements made, or you may even have to pass a test or prove your skill in some way. From a DruidCraft perspective, this card may indicate recognition in the development of your bardic or craft skills, or may signify at time in which you can fruitfully devote yourself to improving these skills, which involve the magic of making – whether it be physical matter or through weaving song or story, music or word, combining the gift of Awen with your own unique genius and abilities.

The first thing I think when looking at card three ‘you may even have to pass a test or prove your skill in some way’ and ‘this card may indicate recognition in the development of your bardic or craft skills’ relates to the completion of my advanced herbalism course (of which I am close to doing) and passing my final semester in my writing course respectively. Although these are more long term than the immediate week but then again, tarot doesn't always answer your immediate question, sometimes it goes for the long view.

Overall the reading is positive, it fits in with what it going on in my life right now and what I would like to achieve moving forward. I think the message to not push forward in my journey but appreciate the quiet steps on the journey is a good message, sometimes we’re all to hurried to increase our power or understanding of the mysteries and of the Craft and it is not necessarily the best thing for us.

So this is my first reading with the DruidCraft tarot and I think it went well so I may begin to use it more often.


  1. The Druidcraft is a great deck. I had to get used to it first but now It is one of my favorite decks. I love that the cards are so big and you get drawn into the pictures so easily.


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