Week Ahead Reading

Due to not feeling well, the long weekend and my mother & brother's birthdays (they're 4 days apart), my Week Ahead Reading is abysmally late. I also had issues with my neck and shoulder - I woke up one morning in pain, no tight muscles or anything just pain. So blogging has been not on my mind but I'm rearing to go and get some new things posted.

Week Ahead using the Wildwood Tarot

Queen of Arrows – Swan

The swan is a strong and regal protector – a state of separation may exist, bringing with it sorrow, privation and misfortune. You may need to break old bonds and find new rivers in which to swim if you are to move beyond this place of darkness and loss.

Ten of Bows – Responsibility

The challenge of dealing with responsibility brings a need for inner fortitude, stamina and determination. The weight of the burden may be heavy and cumbersome but the task that has been handed to you may be vital for the greater good, not just for yourself but also for your family and chosen tribe.

Ace of Stones – The Foundation of Life

The most potent act of the mind is to conceive of an idea and manifest it into practical, material reality. This means being able to formulate and marshal your thoughts to bring about a real-world change, or transmutation of a wish, dream or desire, making it physically happen.

So outwardly, the first two cards are not the most positive of cards but I tend to look at them as they apply to my life right now. I can say when it comes to the Swan card; I’m not currently in a place of darkness and loss in the physical world. Since the Wildwood tarot has always worked for me as tool in my spiritual life, this is where I tend to interpret this deck. The swan, if we look to its correspondence within the magical realm, is of the dream world, helping to interpret dream symbols as well as smoothing transitions and spiritual evolution. 

As you begin to realize your own true beauty, you unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers. A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness and the development of intuitive abilities. Swan people have the ability to see the future, and to accept the healing and transformation that is beginning in their lives. Accept your ability and go with the flow. Stop denying you know who is calling when the phone rings. Pay attention to your hunches and inner knowledge, and Swan medicine will work through you.” From Here.

Spiritually, the swan is quite powerful and it makes sense as the reading heads toward the next card. Responsibility – it’s a word that often freezes the heart because it does usually mean there is a burden to follow. It’s not ideal for sure in some cases but flowing from the first card, and looking toward the way readings have been going the past few weeks – I wonder what is coming or going to happen? I am recalling the basic messages from last week’s reading:

Snake Princess - You are a keeper of the old ways. You are one who cannot flee these changes, and so you must use power with great discrimination. You are also able to communicate with the dead, a talent of the very wise and, some say, the very brave. Please explore this talent if this card comes forth, as an ancestor is willing to share great knowledge with you. With this knowledge you will be free and will regenerate the ancient secrets kept hidden too long.

Strange Companions - Your own fairytale adventure – dramatic, dark, shadowy and wild – is about to begin in an unknown world. Embrace this great adventure; You have help and enough imagination, daring and brilliance to pass every test.

Dragonfly Mermaid - There will be fresh challenges along the way, but magick is all around you and your auric field and life force themselves are highly attractive to wonderful events, people and possibilities right now. Stay on course.

Looking at myself and my life, I’ve made certain decisions, certain choices as to where I want my life to go and although the card says “The challenge of dealing with responsibility brings a need for inner fortitude, stamina and determination”, it is not necessarily a bad thing or a troublesome thing but perhaps a reminder that changes like this, taking one’s destiny into one’s own hands and moving forward knowing that it can fail but going ahead anyway, is a challenge and will help you grow in all sorts of ways. I’ve not ever been afraid of a challenge. If this is spiritually speaking, perhaps the messages of the Shapeshifters will bring their own challenges should everything come to pass.

The Ace of Stones, the large standing stone speaks of making that which is not real, quite real. As it ties into the other cards, I must want what I think with absolute belief and conviction to manifest it in the real world, to make it physically happen, I have to know that it will happen. Dreams are a strange beast, they can often live only in our minds, but taking the brave steps to manifest them can bring its own rewards.

Overall, this reading has got me thinking, as my extra lengthy analysis shows. I’m not sure where I’m heading or how everything will come to pass, hell I’m not even remotely sure if I am ready for it but fate waits for no woman I suppose and somehow I will have to grasp this and run with it. Who knows what awaits me in the future? I am scared a little bit because the Snake Princess warns of great power, ancient knowledge but with that comes the sense of responsibility and right now, an AHA moment – perhaps whatever abilities manifest I will be given the opportunity to use them to help people while I walk this twisted, winding road of the witch and diviner.


  1. Thanks for doing a reading with the Wildwood tarot. I love to see how this deck is holding up in a reading, because I am planning to buy it for myself

    1. It's a great deck so I think, if it resonates with you, you should most definitely get it.


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