New Things

Change is afoot in the world of the Country Witch, many new things happening. I am finally creating (or consolidating) my poison garden (more to come on that) and I am at the beginnings of the creation of a skull collection (I have my Crow - my rabbits and foxes are still macerating). I’m crafting a new path that is somewhat in its infancy. I’m not sure what it is going to be as yet. I am feeling pulled toward areas I never imagined. The spirits call me, I understand that soon I must answer because as I begin to cross the hedge on a more regular basis; I will be seeking their guidance and wisdom.

There’s always an excitement when the unexpected happens within a spiritual context. Revelations and intuitions begin to show new roads ahead. A path once obscured opens just that little bit. What can you do but step upon it and let it lead you where it may. I find myself crafting more, letting the physical aspect of my witchcraft move to the forefront. I am making new things and making plans to make new things.  I am planning some candle making but am waiting for the heat to dissipate, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. No point in making candles if they’re just going to melt (yes it really is getting that hot here).

The previously buried artisan in me is wanted her five minutes in the sun to use her hands and create. Some of the crafts are for personal use; others will likely find themselves for sale somewhere along the way. I have a small list of things I would like to make; mostly I just go where I feel moved to. I am trying to be more intuitive and active in my path. It’s an interesting time for me, more fluidity, less procrastination.


  1. How exciting!!
    Can't wait to see where your path takes you….mine has kind of taken a backseat for others at the moment, but I am doing my herbology and reflexology courses which are keeping me sane!!
    May the spirits guide you well..


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