Ink Making Adventures

In my quest to continue experimenting and trying new things, I decided to make some ink the other day. I've never made it before and there is like a hundred different recipes online to make it, others don't necessarily expound on how to do it. I chose to make Oak ink, it is my favourite tree and it has great power. I used bark, leaf and acorn.

I poured hot water over it to create an infusion, then simmered it to reduce it. You would think it would have an unpleasant smell but Oak actually has a lovely scent. Not surprising I guess, the tree is used in healing.

I was left with a brown colour. I actually added some watercolour paint to deepen it slightly. I added xanthan gum (but wouldn't you know it, I forgot the myrrh) and a small shot of vodka before straining it through a sieve.

Here is my ink. I've not used it yet, I have to fashion myself a quill to give it a go. Although I may do some more work with this ink by adding the myrrh. I'll have to wait and see what the consistency is when writing with it.

Here is the Oak. This tree is known throughout history as being important to many cultures, the Celts especially as well as the Fae. It is a tree that represents strength and longevity as this tree can live for hundreds of years. It is considered a tree of Thor because it can attract lightening, thankfully we've never had to endure that particular experience. I'd be absolutely devastated if anything happened to this tree.


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