A Day in the Forest

Sunday was such a lovely day that it seemed a shame to spend it indoors, so a picnic was packed and off we went to the forest. It is a little bit of a drive from where I live, perhaps half hour or more, but the beauty that awaited was worth it. January this year, the forest was devastated by fires. It is estimated that three quarters of the forest had been lost, but still she stands regal and with pride. As I drove and walked through it, I could feel the energy of the place. It was strong and palpable. It may have lost so much of itself but its spirit was as strong as ever. Birds chirped, called and shrieked. Trees spoke in the wind, frogs sang and flowers bloomed. It was peaceful yet energising. It is slowly beginning to heal, to spark green again and although there are burned trees and devastated areas, the sprig of life beginning again gives hope that this old forest will one day again know its pre-fire glory.


  1. See…I come back to blogspot and find you have been out in this beautiful forest…it looks lovely and peaceful…thanks for sharing your day with us!!

  2. Beautiful photos! Oh there is such strong energy in the forest. I just love walking through the woods on a beautiful day!

  3. gorgeous photos! feel like I'm there with you!


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