Creating Smudge Sticks

Rosemary, Lavender and Sage. 
Three beautiful herbs, just perfect for smudge sticks, harvested from the garden to create a powerful smudging experience. The rich tones of sage, the piney fresheness of rosemary and the perfumed depths of lavender will bring to the mind a fresh spring day, a warm summer sun, the feel of a refreshed and cleared space where no negativity or stagnant energy remain.

The harvest ended up being quite substantial so I was able to make some mini smudges and a couple of singular herb smudges (rosemary and lavender).

They will sit now for some weeks in order to dry before they are ready but I can't wait to try them out. My home will be filled with such wonderous scents, patience was never my strong suit but I must wait and let the herbs dry and form into their bundles. This is the part that leaves me with anticipation, but the end result will be absolutely scent-rific.


  1. Hi, I am more a tarot and crystal than a herb person But I have these three herbs in my garden and this is something I am gonna do for sure when Autumn is coming in my part of the world Thanks!

  2. how funny. I have all 3 growing together in my front garden.


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