Oinment Brewing

Although I've been relatively lax when it comes to doing anything witchcraft related, I decided the other night to do something simple in order to get my mind back to where it needs to be. I love making things with herbs, I think I've probably mentioned this in my blog a hundred times. I've a curiosity about banes, walking the poison path is part of my journey as a hedge witch and also feeds the nature of the green witch. I've started growing my own and hope in the future to be able to use only my own herbs for any baneful needs (except mandrake...did I mention my love/hate relationship with the most stubborn herb in the history of herbs?). My journey into the world of differing ointments has been something I've been doing for awhile but without any true commitment or testing. I made the decision to truly dedicate myself to this path and truly connect properly on a spiritual level with the banes that I have. This lead me to making singular ointments for some of the banes I have: Belladonna, Henbane, Datura and Mandrake, and also an ointment combining all four.

The Datura I wildcrafted near to my home, the Henbane I grew, however the Belladonna and Mandrake I had to outsource. I have a Belladonna plant now and plan to get/grow more, so hopefully the next time I create a test ointment it will be of my own plant material - leaves and berries, whereas the one I've created for my personal experimentation is all leaf material.

I'll heat them through infusing all of that baneful loveliness into the oil and try them. This should give me a good indication of their strength and whether or not more herb material needs to be added. I am hopeful I can get it right, this way the experience with the herbs will be profound and enlightening yet not dangerous. Perhaps one day I will sell ointments and salves with these herbs, however that'll be a long way off yet as I really would love to make them all with herbs from my own poison garden.


  1. How satisfying to use something made from lovelies you grew yourself. One day, when it is ready and you are ready Mandrakes spirit will work with you. Until then it sounds like it's one stubborn plant! I've never used flying ointment, but have heard other people's experiences with it. How would you describe it?

    1. For me it's like almost like taking myself out of myself but still remaining connected (yep that makes sense lol). I use it mostly for hedgecrossing so I find it allows my mind to reach that place where it needs to be in order to do so.

  2. You are inspiring me to order more herbs. My husband is going to hate you. Lol!


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