New Things to Try This Year

I'm hopeless at new year's resolutions. I end up keeping nary a one of them. Except maybe the intention to always do them - that I most definitely keep. Resolutions are a funny thing because there is always this sense of obligation to keep them, of course when you don't the feeling of utter failure envelopes and paralyses you because it enforces the doubts that run through your mind when you're rationalising not completing (or in some cases even starting) your resolutions. So instead of writing a long list of resolutions and being less than honest with myself about how much of them I will actually keep, I'm trying a different approach, thinking outside of the resolution box and trying something new.

I'm going to have a list of things I would like to try this year - not will do but will try to do (with a big side helping of guilt-free non obligation).

Learn to weave
Complete courses currently studying
Go to a Pagan event further away
Have stalls at country fairs
Start a nursery (teeny one)
Get Belladonna and Henbane up from seed
Keep Mandrake alive
Grow pumpkins
Wassail my apple trees
Start writing novel
Launch herbal business
Write workshops for future presentation
Make more soap
Test flying ointment blends
Begin planning overseas trip
Find love
Be happy


  1. I love this kind of list. Especially the - non free - addition!!!
    Hopefully this list will inspire you to do wondeful,creative and playful things


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