New Year, New Look

New year, new look for the blog, I'm not completely sold on it being permanent but I felt like it was time to freshen it up a little, I've been feeling a bit restless about things and thought a change might inspire me a little more. I'm planning out my year insofar as what I want to do witch-wise and herbal-wise, I've got some ideas and hopefully some new products coming your way. I'm also planning on creating functioning websites that are not eBay or Etsy related....we'll see how that goes - I may just end up throwing my tea at the monitor in sheer disgust or frustration....possibly both.

I've included a photo of myself on my 'Who Is' page. You'll have to forgive the make-up, I sort of won a makeup/photo shoot which was fun, the prices of the photo packages not so much so I declined their rather ridiculous prices and went to the park and had some taken with Mum's Iphone thingy (yes my mother is way more tech savvy than me), I think they turned out okay. I am contemplating the option of retaking them but that's a project for a later time. My hair is naturally that colour, I live on the darker end of the ginger scale - auburn as it were - though bright sunlight turns my hair a curious orangey shade.

I've also decided to take on a larger caseload study-wise just because I'm a masochist. So I'll be studying Holistic Skin Care Products, Business & Marketing for Holistic Therapists and Reiki along with Advanced Nutrition and Past Life Therapy (all courtesy of the School of Natural Health Sciences) - possibly Cert 2 in Horticulture (T.A.F.E) as well. On top of that I am going to be trying to expand The Country Witch's Cottage shop and begin building my herbal business - The Wild Wortwyf. So no pressure. It'll definitely be a balancing act. I'm trying to make this the year I finally get my ....stuff (yeah let's go with that word) together and get on track.

I'm also considering giving weaving a go, I saw it on a program series by Monty Don called MasterCrafts, but I'll be getting one of those little absolute beginner style frames...not getting too ambitious there. I found the episode on Stained Glass massively interesting but I'm not at a point where I feel like I could properly give it a go.

Oh and in amongst all of that, I have a tiny house to build.

Yep, 2015 is going to be a busy year.


  1. Sounds exciting and fun. Good luck

  2. Like the new look. Good luck this year!


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