As a teenager I used to write a lot of poetry, it was your typical angst ridden melodrama but I like to think I matured with age. I've not written a lot in the interim except during my writing diploma (which I finished a couple of years ago now) but I've recently began taking it up again. I thought I might share some from time to time here on the blog, I'm not sure how often it'll be because I don't write as much (poetry or otherwise) as I used to, I'm slowly trying to re-familiarise myself with the love of writing that I had once, it's a process. So in the interim, here is a little ditty I wrote for my 'Personification in Poetry' assignment a few years ago.

A Besom’s Life

The Besom sat above the door
Feeling bored she wanted more
As she saw her Witch walk in
She felt it time to begin

She wobbled from the hanging hook
A lot of clever falling it took
She landed in front of her Witch
And wished for a little hitch

Her witch stroked her with much joy
She felt as though she was no longer a toy
Brushed, cleaned and scented well
Miss Besom felt very swell

She felt absolute delight
When it was time to take flight
Soaring above the lovely skies
“What fun, what joy” she sighs 


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