Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged with any sort of regularity so I thought I would re-introduce myself to anyone new who has found my blog or website. So here we go – this may end up quite interesting or really rambly, I’m not making any promises.

My name is Stacey and I hail from the Mid North Region of SA where I live with my partner and two of my cats; one is an adorable tabby and the other is a giant floofle (my 3rd cat lives with my parents because she loves the more than me – true story).  I also share custody of my parents tuxedo boy though he lives with them. He’s adorable and I say it because I co-rescued him and he is just an adorable chonk monkey.

I’m an Aries Sun/Leo Rising/Capricorn Moon with a hefty dose of Scorpio in my chart (fun times if you’re me) living with a Libra Sun/Cancer Rising/Capricorn Moon partner (also fun times having the same natal moon – we both get along and aggravate the crap out of each other all in one go). I’m a cook by trade but also a tarot reader, writer, witch and herbalist although cook is what pays most of my bills – the other stuff is more for fun and learning. I’ve been a witch for almost 22 years, I started young – a curious young 13 year old who saw The Craft (okay people, hold back on the groans, it was THE defining witch movie for my generation) and decided that she now knew what she was. I was lucky because I had uber supportive parents who went out and bought me a cute little spellbook called ‘TheNice Girl’s Book of Naughty Spells’ and to this day I still have it.

I run an online business called TheCountry Witch’s Cottage; the name is definitely appropriate, I grew up in an old 100+ year old stone cottage with a big, beautiful oak tree next to it. I’m sure most of you have seen the pictures of it – she’s a stunner. Although, whoever built my family’s cottage perhaps didn’t understand how big an oak tree can get, it’s literally right outside the kitchen window. Although in my region it is a bit slower growing because of the climate and rainfall issues. I’m a published author, having had articles published in The Crooked Path Journal, Witches and Pagans Magazine #30 and #37, The Australian Pagan Magazine (now defunct) and various other places online. I was once a teacher and High Priestess but now I’m pretty much a solitary witch who does her own thing.

My path fits within the traditional witch framework – my path is one of green witchcraft, hedge witchcraft and rootwork. If you have followed me for any length of time you will also see that I have quite the passion for poison plants, especially my beloved Datura. I find them fascinating, powerful and wise; I also grow healing plants as well, but my heart does lie with the poison plants of my garden. I’m currently growing Datura, Brugmansia, three different types of Belladonna, three different types of Henbane and two different types of Mandrake – my little witchy heart beats with delight. I also like making candles, at this point in time my repertoire extends to beeswax pillars and beeswax and soy reversible candles but I have plants to experiment with more. I’m a candle lover from way back so anything candle related I love (must be that Aries/Leo combo shining through).

I’ve also begun exploring the connection with my ancestors and the lines that I come from. I have everything from Spanish to English to Irish to African American in my tree – you wouldn’t know it from the fact that the sun looks at me and I fry but it has led me to explore some interesting paths and find new ideas that have expanded my practice quite a bit. That’s the one thing I love about practicing witchcraft; it is an ever fluid, ever changing practice and honestly, that is how it should be, nothing that stagnates ever grows.

Anyway, enough about me, basically I’m just a witch, herbalist, mad book lover, cat Mumma, tarot card enthusiast, writer, garden lover and cook. My life is pretty simple which is the way I like it, I’m not one for noise or constant stimulation. I like to hang out at home, make things, sleep in, annoy my partner, hang with my cats and live my life.

So that’s me in a nutshell.

Hi Everyone, welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy looking around and learning something new or even just enjoying the copious amounts of garden porn on here.


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