Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pagans Down Under Blog Project

Lee over at the Chaos Witch has created a new blog project called 'Pagans Down Under'. As I mentioned previously, I am going to try and get back into blogging more regularly - something that has failed miserably so far. This sounds like a really fantastic idea and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in. So for my fellow Aussie bloggers out there, if you want to join up, head over to the page for the project and pop your name down!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

New Blog

I've created a blog for my tiny house project called 'Stacey' Tiny House Project' (yes I know, massively original right?) to show the journey of the creation of my tiny house herbal studio. I was going to document it all on this blog but I thought, why not have something entirely devoted to the project, plus if other tiny house enthusiasts come across it, it's strictly on the tiny house and not everything else as well. The plan is to begin actually constructing the tiny house in the new year, the trailer is almost completed (I will be glad to never have to wire brush rust again, let me tell you) and painted, so once that's done, the building can begin!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Grow Your Blog Party 2015

The Grow Your Blog Party is happening again next year and I am so excited that Vicki at 2 Bags Full decided to do it again as I had so much fun last year. I’ve been thinking long about my blog, it’s not had much action overall this year, but I’m getting into the groove again and hopefully it will equal more posts and photos and other bits n pieces.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Blooming Roses of Spring & Summer

There is something romantic about roses blooming in the garden, the eventual decay begins and adds another layer of beauty, for within this lack of perfect beauty, the true perfection of nature is found.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Nuummite - The Sorcerer's Stone

Recently I’ve been looking into working with stones. It’s not something I had actually thought about much given my preferred medium is herbs, but I was reading a blog post by Little Cloud of Insanity and she happened to mention working Nuummite. Not being a stone I had heard of before, I was immediately curious. I’m glad I fed my curiosity because Nuummite is a rather interesting stone.

Named the Sorcerer’s Stone, Nuummite is said to be one of the oldest minerals in existence, clocking in at an impressive three billion years. The majority of Nuummite comes from Nuuk, Greenland and is tied to Earth more strongly than any other element, geologically Nuummite comes from a volcanic origin so it also hold fiery depths within it. It’s a beautiful looking stone, at first glance you tend to think it is black but there are many layers within, striking iridescence of many different colours, it is wonderful to look at.

Nuummite is connected to the chakras and their energy, and while I don’t work with chakras at all, the potential for spiritual boosting by Nuummite is intriguing. It is known for it’s potent vibrations which is why it was given the name ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, it can connect you deeply with any spiritual or psychic ability you may have, help with shamanic work and hedge crossing, is said to move growth in those areas forward quickly and will connect you quite deeply to earth energy. It is also said Nuummite energy can help with higher intellectual acumen and detail recall, which would be nice, I read so much that it can be hard to assimilate all the information into my brain. 

Because it can connect one easily with other worlds while hedgecrossing or journeying it interests me, as does its potential for past life work and healing. I’m going to experiment to see if it can help me with hedgecrossing, increasing abilities (should I discover any) and for focusing my mind while undertaking these actions. It’s no secret that I’m not one who can easily focus or quiet the mind. An energy worker once told me that my mind is fast and that is why I can’t quiet it and why I can’t stand being around a lot of people or lots of noise. 

I’ve not started working with it yet, I bought a tumble stone and a bracelet of Nuummite from the fantastic SheEarth to work with, I’m not even sure how one goes about working with stones but I’m looking forward to it. I’m trying to find different ways to grow my personal power and discover gifts, if any, that I might have. I’m thinking of just doing breathing exercises and connecting with it that way before moving up to guided meditations (which I generally do better with than trying to reach a meditative state myself) and see where I go from there. 

I will say though, when I hold the Nuummite, I can definitely feel the energy surging within it, now it is just a matter of finding a way to connect myself to that energy and working with it.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Oinment Brewing

Although I've been relatively lax when it comes to doing anything witchcraft related, I decided the other night to do something simple in order to get my mind back to where it needs to be. I love making things with herbs, I think I've probably mentioned this in my blog a hundred times. I've a curiosity about banes, walking the poison path is part of my journey as a hedge witch and also feeds the nature of the green witch. I've started growing my own and hope in the future to be able to use only my own herbs for any baneful needs (except mandrake...did I mention my love/hate relationship with the most stubborn herb in the history of herbs?). My journey into the world of differing ointments has been something I've been doing for awhile but without any true commitment or testing. I made the decision to truly dedicate myself to this path and truly connect properly on a spiritual level with the banes that I have. This lead me to making singular ointments for some of the banes I have: Belladonna, Henbane, Datura and Mandrake, and also an ointment combining all four.

The Datura I wildcrafted near to my home, the Henbane I grew, however the Belladonna and Mandrake I had to outsource. I have a Belladonna plant now and plan to get/grow more, so hopefully the next time I create a test ointment it will be of my own plant material - leaves and berries, whereas the one I've created for my personal experimentation is all leaf material.

I'll heat them through infusing all of that baneful loveliness into the oil and try them. This should give me a good indication of their strength and whether or not more herb material needs to be added. I am hopeful I can get it right, this way the experience with the herbs will be profound and enlightening yet not dangerous. Perhaps one day I will sell ointments and salves with these herbs, however that'll be a long way off yet as I really would love to make them all with herbs from my own poison garden.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tiny House Revolution

Okay, so I didn't write the next day but I thought about - points for that right? But I'm back! And that is the totality of my enthusiasm for this migraine causing hot weather we're experiencing right now. It's supposed to cool down again by the weekend - hope it rains.

Anyhoo, in a prior post I mentioned my intention for a tiny house herbal studio as my place of work and the place where my dreams of being a traditional style wisewoman would have a chance to grow. I love the idea of it, and I think it will work brilliantly for what I want. But I'm not the only one who loves the idea, it's becoming a bit of a revolution. The idea formulated in my head when I watched 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces', there were people all over England using small spaces for living, for business purposes and all sorts. A woman on there decided to turn a horsebox into a vintage clothing shop that she could take around different fairs, festivals etc. It even had a little living space in it. It got me to thinking. It wasn't until I actually saw a the tiny house online (mentioned in my prior post) that the idea struck me. It would be the perfect thing to have to create my own working space. A space that could eventually become my shop, my workroom and my consulting room.

I can't wait to get started on mine, it's going to be an exciting project. It also made me wonder if it would be possible to create my own home. I have a block of land, it has no power or water but if I could make an entirely sustainable tiny house to live in, it would be amazing. It would be a long term project but I think it could definitely work. I've even found my dream one (here), it's a good size but I think I would definitely have to price it down to work in my buget - probably a hell of a lot less wood, I mean I like wood as a design accent but not as much as is in the tiny-ish house.

I adore this one, it really is the quintessential witch's cottage.

But for practical reasons, I think I would be better off having one on wheels, so that should I ever need to move, I can take my tiny house with me. Probably something like this or this or this. It's a dream I have, I don't think I'll ever have kids, I've never had the desire to, but should I meet my soulmate and we decide to procreate, I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to put together another tiny house. One for the living, one for the sleeping or you could build another one on a big semi trailer truck (yep I'm full of ideas).

I actually like the idea of living small like this because it negates the need for clutter. You would really only have around you that which is most important to you (in my case, epic amount of books). It's a very simple way of living, one I think I could easily adapt to. But first, I shall see how I go with my herbal studio, I'm very excited for it. It's going to be an adventure!!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I'm thinking of ways to try and throw myself back into blogging. I used to do so much of it back in the day, some months I would average 15 or more posts a month. Now I'm lucky if I manage two. I think it came from wanting to put a particular image out there because I thought it was necessary to. Expectations and all of that, I've let go of that now, I am who I am. Since my great realisation a few months ago, I still haven't kicked my witchy patooty into gear and really got on with it, although I have been doing more herbalism things because before long, hopefully, I should be able to launch myself more full time into creating herbal products.

I've been considering trying to post more regularly, just to get myself back into the swing of regular blogging. Whether it's just a picture of a plant in the garden, a poem, herb profiles, a tarot or oracle reading or a general post on my practice or what I've been up to, I'm going to try. I don't I'll relive my glory days of posting every day but I figure I'll think of things to do. I'm even going to try and blog more on my herbal blog and get back to my tarot blog of which I have not posted on lately. Since I'm going to try to be more well rounded, I really should make the effort. Starting tomorrow I will actively try and post more often. At least three times a week -maybe four. :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Witch's Night In

I've decided to begin trying new recipes for when I eventually create my herbal store. I've had an Etsy store for it for a really (almost preposterously) long time. Now that my herbal studio dream will be realised, I'm motivating myself to hammer down the details and just have fun with herbs and herb crafting. Last night I thought I'd give a go a couple of recipes that had been on my mind. The madness had begun.

Whipped Body Butter

It smells delicious as it sounds! And surprisingly easy to make. The recipe I used was from one of my favourite herby sites Wellness Mama. I halved the recipe and still ended up with a rather sizeable batch of body butter. Because the coconut is cold pressed and not refined, the butter has a wonderful coconut scent. 

The ingredients

Getting it all together

It's all melted together

The finished product.
The finished product is fantastic, I love it. It's a little hard to beat because it goes hard, so you may have to hold the bowl (carefully - this idiot managed to whack her fingers with the beaters) so it doesn't spin while you loosen it up. Or alternatively, as I am considering given I am the world's greatest klutz, you could use a bowl mixer instead.

Activated Charcoal & Clay Face Mask

I read about the benefits of activated charcoal and after perusing several different recipes, decided to massively simplify and use charcoal and clay with water in a face mask. I just did a couple of capsules with just under a teaspoon of clay, added a teaspoon of water and mixed it together. My skin felt fab when I washed it off but be warned, it does take a bit to clear the face of it. I used charcoal capsules from the chemist (and yes, I just realised that 'flatulence' is blazoned across the front of the bottle - photo fail Stacey), they're not exactly super cheap but it was convenient.

Test Tinctures

I've been trying out some new test tinctures to get a feel for different herbs, my newest victims were Chamomile Flower, Liquorice Root and Whole Echinacea plant. I've been doing a bit of research and came across an interesting idea on Wellness Mama of adding a bit of hot water to the herbs to loosen them up (dry herbs) before putting the alcohol on them. I thought I'd give it a try this time and see how it went, I figure it'll either work or it won't.

So there you have it, my Saturday night herbal adventures. This is just the tip of the madness iceberg. I have so many different recipes I want to try out - lip balms, herbal smokes, soaps (I'm going to do using a crockpot - should be interesting). I'm also going to be doing a Holistic Skincare Products course in order to broaden my knowledge base. I'm looking forward to it, the next few months should be a definite learning and experimenting time for me.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Beginnings of a Dream

As Mercury in Retrograde passes to its end, I find myself planning new and exciting ventures. Some time ago, I mentioned my dreams of pursuing the wisewoman path. It had seemed almost impossible, I had not the space nor did I truly believe I could do it. Now things are coming together in a fashion that will finally allow me to begin building my dream. First stop, my own little herbal studio. I’ve a mind on how I want the outside to look; I’m going for the old Victorian style. It just looks adorable and it suits me. My inspiration is the picture below, I think mine will look pretty similar by the time it’s done.

Original Here.

Original Here

This little studio will be my workshop, my sanctuary and the place where I can bask in the herby love. I’ll have my herbs all in jars in a bookshelf, labeled and ready to go, a small kitchen for crafting and creating remedies, and a sitting area that perhaps one day will become a consultation area. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to share this part of my journey with you. I think from time to time I will post things that catch my eye, that I think would be a fantastic addition to my new space. The project won’t be started for a few weeks yet, but I am hoping that once construction starts, it all comes together quickly.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Not Always An Average Girl

It’s just period pain, every girl gets it

Oh how I hate that saying, that cold, dismissive, ignorant statement. The minimising, the acceptance of suffering as though it is normal, a part of the road, par for the course, something we’re expected to not complain about. I rage at the idea women are supposed to suffer in silence because it is part of ‘being a woman’. I’m sick of the expectation that we need to ‘just get on with it’ because it’s ‘only while you have your period’. I’m over it, I’m here screaming from the mountaintops that it is not acceptable to expect women to not vocalise their pain, it is not acceptable to expect women to just get on with it, and it is sure as hell not acceptable to act like it is normal. Excessive period pain is not normal.

I’m writing about this now because I was inspired by Magaly’s posts to share something of myself, especially this part of myself because I know I am not alone in the suffering. Thankfully for the most part, in my life, it hasn’t had to be silent. I’ve had the luxury of being able to vocally rage against the pain, the agony without having some one treat me like I’m being unreasonable but I know this isn’t the case for all women. I was twelve when I got my first period. They were heavy and painful, and at twelve, even with family support, it can be very difficult to deal with. It’s not something, at that age I found, your peers can relate to, it seemed I got mine quite early compared to most of the other girls in my grade. I struggled with a cycle that was never regulated until I was 16 and the doctor put me on the pill. It regulated my periods but the pain was unending. Missing near on an entire week of school during that time of the month wasn’t unheard of for me, I would spend most of that week in bed taking various forms of painkillers, coupled with an exceptionally hot hot water bottle in order to try and manage the pain. The unfortunate thing is as I got older the pain got much much worse.

You see, I was born with a disease called Endometriosis. Now while the instant thought of some will be ‘that only causes pain when you have your period’, I can assure you that is not the case. I wasn’t officially diagnosed until I was 18 but my mother had it, so my disease is hereditary. My mother suffered for years until she had her hysterectomy, but the thing is that didn’t actually solve the problem of endometriosis growing outside of the reproductive organs. Yes, you heard me right, endometriosis isn’t strictly reproductive, it can and will spread outside of the uterus to other organs and areas of the body. And it is incurable, it can be managed, but there is no cure for endometriosis. It affects about one in ten women if it isn’t hereditary like mine. But what is endometriosis exactly? The Endometriosis Care Centre of Australia defines endometriosis as:

Endometriosis is defined as the presence of normal tissue in an abnormal place. The endometrium (lining) of the uterus spreads to the pelvis through the tubes and settles most commonly in the pelvis. Like the lining of the uterus, the endometrium grows under the influence of the major female hormone oestrogen. The most common sites in the pelvis are on and below the ovaries, and deep in the pelvis behind the uterus, called the Pouch of Douglas. Here the endometriosis grows on the ligaments behind the uterus and on the vagina and rectum. It also may grow on the bladder, appendix, abdominal wall and even sometimes in the upper abdomen.”

It sounds unpleasant, and it is. It is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Because I have a compromised immune system, it is just that much worse. It also puts into perspective the issues I had as a child with my immune system since those who have hereditary endometriosis are generally born with it. Endometriosis affects your entire life, not just the part of it when you menstruate. I suffer with lower back pain, migraines, chronic fatigue and even vertigo (although that could be unrelated). As Wikipedia states:

Other symptoms include diarrhea or constipation, chronic fatigue, nausea and vomiting, headaches, low-grade fevers, heavy and/or irregular periods, and hypoglycemia. In addition to pain during menstruation, the pain of endometriosis can occur at other times of the month. There can be pain with ovulation, pain associated with adhesions, pain caused by inflammation in the pelvic cavity, pain during bowel movements and urination, during general bodily movement like exercise, pain from standing or walking, and pain with intercourse. Pain can also start a week before a menstrual period, during and even a week after a menstrual period, or it can be constant. The pain can be debilitating and the emotional stress can take a toll.”

And all of it true and a lot of it me, I remember times curled up in bed hugging my hot water bottle crying because nothing was helping the pain. The emotional toll is real because sometimes it just gets to be too much to deal with. Heavy duty medications like Codeine or Endone are used to manage it because of the intensity of the pain. Surgery is another option though not always successful. I had my first surgery at 18, then another at 19 and was told by the second surgeon that I had a lot of endo for some one of my age. I recently had my third surgery. I imagine I may end up having more. My mother had 11 in total and it never solved the problem. I’m sitting here right now in pain because I got sick of lying in bed. However, because the Universe just loves to torment me on occasion, over the past twelve months I have developed something that is called ‘Umbilical Endometriosis’, essentially the endometrial tissue pushes up through my belly button causing bleeding and pain – this usually the week after my period. Umbilical Endo is actually really rare; it affects maybe 1% of women that have endo, mine I suspect has occurred because it is near to the site of scar tissue. My gynecologist told her trainee during my consultation that she would be lucky if she saw this once in her career. She said to me ‘this makes you unique’. Personally I’d rather have something else that made me unique.

I wanted to share my story because there are a lot of women and young girls out there who suffer with excruciating pain during their periods, and probably have no idea why. There are those, like myself, who probably experience severe cramping, chronic fatigue, nausea and headaches outside of the time of their period and have no idea why. And there are those who are expected to suck it up and get on with life no matter how much pain they’re in because no one cares enough to truly understand what they’re going through. You can tell a person you have bad period pain and you get that condescending ‘we’ve all dealt with that love’ attitude, so women are left thinking it’s normal. If you find yourself coming to on the floor because you’ve passed out, if you find yourself vomiting or experiencing headaches when you have your period or find you have to medicate yourself to near catatonia in order to function then it really is not something that most women have ‘all dealt with’. If any of what I have written sounds like what you experience then go to your doctor and be checked over. I know in some countries, medical treatment isn’t free (like my surgeries have been) but if you can get correctly diagnosed, you will have a better chance of treating it or at least managing it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that what you’re experiencing is normal because it’s not. As I said earlier, excessive period pain is not normal, passing out, vomiting, migraines, severe cramping and heavy periods are not normal. It is not something every woman goes through, regardless of what people or religion say. Rage against the pain, scream from the mountaintops, but never let anyone minimize what you’re going through. Ask questions of your family and find out if any other women in your family have experienced this, and even if they act as though they dealt with it or it was normal you should still be examined and find out for sure. Endometriosis is a serious and debilitating disease, even if it is not widely recognized as such by the general public, and you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. It affects your entire life, and for those who are keen on having children, it can affect your fertility.

So please anyone who thinks this could be them, suffer no longer, find a way to be heard and be treated. Even if ultimately it may not do any good in the long term (such as my case is proving so far) at least you will know and no longer question the whys of the pain.


Endometriosis Care Centre of Australia
Endometriosis Australia

Friday, 12 September 2014

Of Henbane and Poisons

My poison garden has sat quietly throughout the winter months. Some herbs have done well, others succumbing to the cold weather despite my efforts. I’ve not been as enamoured of my poison garden as I should have been. Whilst going through the issues of being detached from my Craft, I observed only basic courtesies of watering, feeding and mulching. I was as divorced from them as I was from everything else. Unfortunately, despite the care of a greenhouse, my daturas and brugmansia are looking a little worse for wear but I am hopeful they’ll come around to health once the weather warms. I haven’t been focused on the poison path of late, I haven’t felt called to it in awhile but as I gather myself to throw myself back into my path (in baby steps of course), I feel the need to reach out and connect with them. Apparently my subconscious agrees because a dream came that reminded me I had ignored my darkly delightful garden for too long.

Dappled sunlight filtered in through the lushly green trees creating a gentle checkerboard pattern upon the green earth. It was a beautiful spring day, neither warm nor cool but a balance of both, birds sang and insects danced. A perfect day for wildcrafting. Travelling to a strange place not known, overgrown and left to nature’s will, it is said that the Dark Lady, Belladonna, grows wild; her bounty full and generous. She is framed by weeds of nettle and black nightshade in a grove of silver birch, old growth trees and young saplings fighting toward the light. Hidden in amongst the grove of greenery I could see purple flowers and black berries. Approaching with caution and respect but with an eagerness to see if she was willing to share her bounty; I became surprised when I saw her berries were the size of Roma tomatoes yet her boughs did not bend or break. It was an incredible sight, plant after plant of Belladonna in its own tiny grove, shrouded by a hedge of flowering henbane, melting into the landscape. Belladonna was gracious enough to share herself with me and I was able to collect an impressive amount of plant material, and of Henbane. This long forgotten, green grotto hidden from view, almost forest like but yet not a forest, it hid its treasures well. I felt at peace in this place, so connected to the land and its inhabitants. They had reminded me of wishes not yet fulfilled and as I left this place with my bounty, I felt at peace with the path ahead. 

There was also an old shed with antique glass bottles, didn’t know what that was about. The dream was so real, I could feel the weight of the berries in my hand, the scent of the grove, the freshness of the air, the dappled sunlight warming my skin in areas. It felt as though it was a real place and perhaps it was, perhaps I actually journeyed somewhere in my sleep. I used to spontaneously astral project as a child but could never recall where I’d been. I’m also a prolific dreamer (honestly, sometimes I have upwards of four in a night) so it could have simply been a dream. I tend to lean toward it being more because I can recall quite a bit of it with some clarity, whereas when I dream regularly, I know I have but I don’t remember what I dreamt of. It seemed to be important and I think it was a wake up call to pay attention to my poison garden, to get my butt back in gear since the weather is coming nice again. 

My poison garden is soon to expand with the addition of Belladonna and new Henbane plants. I am hoping to grow a variety called Belladonna var Lutea – a yellow flowered, yellow berried version said to have been the preferred belladonna of witches. I’ve not always been successful germinating the seeds of this family so my plan is to try to kickstart it with Gibberellic Acid. If this is successful I may use it in future on other hard to germinate seeds. Gibberellic is supposed to be quite good on seeds that require cold stratification, which Belladonna, Henbane etc do. Fingers crossed!

I had also planned on experimenting ointment wise with henbane, datura and mandrake separately to test strength, reaction, experience etc however I have surgery next Wednesday so I won’t be. I had planned to prior to surgery since I had time, but alas, the Universe decided my time would be better spent coping with the pain of a blood clot in my thigh; not wanting to cause any issue, I have, again, suspended these plans. Although the clot is in the superficial vein, I’d rather not tempt fate. Hopefully everything resolves itself quickly and I can get on with what I had planned to do.

Happy Side Note: Went out to water my Daturas and give them some fertiliser and they’re sprouting lots of lovely new green leaves!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Moving Forward Reading

Prior to my ‘Mojo Spread’, it’s been some time since I’ve posted anything divination related on this blog. I used to do it quite often but much like my detachment from feeling properly like a witch, I found myself detached from anything tarot or oracle related. It’s always been a passion of mine, divination, so after taking some time away from my cards I decided to tentatively get back on the horse and see what’s what. I’m curious about my life, moving forward from this point, what do I need to know? To keep it simple I went with a one card draw. I wasn’t much looking for complexity, just something simple and easy to read. I am using my Wildwood Tarot, I often find myself drawn to it more often, especially when matters can include spirituality. Rather apropos, I drew the Wanderer (I kid you not).

The Wanderer

Traditionally the Fool in other decks, there is a certain joyful abandonment to this card. The advice of this card is relatively simple. To take that next step. I’m at a turning point in my life whereby I can either move forward to create the life I want or I can stay where I am, stagnant, too afraid to move forward, too afraid of failure. Without taking a step, nothing can happen, the spirit feels the need to move on, to take that step into the unknown. Imagination opens up new possibilities, there are new and challenging aspects of the universe waiting to be explored. The thing about the Wanderer is that he represents both an end and a beginning, some chapters need to be closed and new ones opened. Burdens have to be let go of (I think this points to what I discussed in this post) and old thought patterns shed in order to embrace this new path, this new journey.

It makes me think of this show I was watching once called ‘Brain Games’ (I think that's what it was called) and there was a picture of a red circle between two thick black lines. When adults were asked to say what it could be, they really couldn’t come up with more than two or three answers. Children were asked and the things they were coming up with! The lesson, I believe, is to approach things with the wonder of a child or at least using the imagination instead of relying on the rigid thought patterns we tend to embrace as adults. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Around the Garden

Spring has sprung in the garden, everything is coming to bloom or starting to bud.

Random flower popping up

Plumcot budding

Valerian reshooting


Flowering Rosemary


My Wormwood

The Oak budding

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Deciding on a Career

I’ve always been one of those people who take their time making decisions. I’m a great procrastinator. I think and think and then think some more. Although I’m an Aries, I don’t tend to display the more forceful aspects of the Aries personality. I’m reserved, shy and I prefer not to be around a lot of people, I find it very draining and it often gives me a migraine – though I do enjoy the sarcasm and quick wit that is part of the Aries personality. Toss in some severe immune issues and I find solitary life is a better fit for me than something that requires a large amount of people contact. But it does limit job opportunities and it has forced me to truly confront what I would like out of life. What are my dreams? My hopes? What do I want to be doing with my life? What is important to me and how can I adapt that into a satisfying lifelong career? It took me some time, but I honestly think I’ve found where I want to be. What I want to be.

My dream is to be a wisewoman, witch and healer. To write my experiences, to share a charm, cast a spell, and consult the tarot or offer healing through herbs. There is a longing in my soul for a simple life of magic and healing, of growing herbs and being in nature. I am not desirous of clinical herbalism, I have this dream of being the type of herbalist that invites people into her kitchen for a cuppa and a chat. A herbalist who can whip up a remedy on the spot for the person to take home, I want to share the experience and have people connect with herbs on a greater scale. 

I want the winding, whimsical herb garden home to butterflies, bees and faeries. I want a magical garden full of wonderous herbs and plants. I want to go to markets with my products and share the wisdom of herbs with people; I want to sell healing herbs for people to take home. I have this idea of having my table full of herbal remedies and alongside it, a selection of seedlings so people can go home and start their own herb garden. I’m not expecting it to be a wealthy lifestyle, at least not in the monetary sense. But I think I will feel wealthy and prosperous because my soul will be happy doing what I love.

I want to have a little herb nursery, only selling what I grow and encouraging people to embrace the quiet power that herbs have. I’ve not visions of a large nursery overflowing; it would not suit my lifestyle but a small nursery with happy plants calling for a home of their own; this I can manage. I’ve always wanted my own nursery; I’ve always liked the idea of being so intimately connected to plants. I’m studying horticulture in order to make this dream a reality – a successful one.

My witchcraft is also a big part of this life change I want to embrace. I want it to be as large a part as the herbalism because ultimately it is all tied together. I want to be able to cast charms and spells, create incenses and ointments, to do readings and continue to write articles, maybe have a book or two published. I want every day to be magical and every day to feel fulfilled and not empty. I want to be connected to the inner most parts of myself and answer the call buried so deep.

I want so much. I had thought perhaps too much. How does one even begin to create something like this? How does one begin to even wrap their mind around it? With small steps, very small steps, I’ve realized just when you think that luck has gone and your soul dreams have been abandoned, help can come from surprising places. Unexpected places. And sometimes when almost everything else seems lost there is a light if you just look ahead. I am soon going to be in the position where I just may be able to take small steps into making my dreams real and real in a way that works for me. I soon may be that herbalist who has some one at their table drinking a soothing cup of tea while learning to use herbs in the best way to help their health. I will be able to have my little herbal studio where the magic of potions and lotions can happen. 

It is almost terrifying to think the things you want most can happen, especially when you are so used to feeling as though they are never going to be possible. Sometimes I feel as though I almost have to pinch myself to see. But for now it is a waiting game with quiet planning happening in the background. Little notes, research and the understanding of careful management is the idea of the day. So for now I wait and see, planning, hoping. 


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Signs of Spring

Spring is beginning to unveil herself, yet still at night Winter lays her frosty coat on the ground. It is rather interesting weather we're experiencing right now. I look forward to early spring when the gardens start to flourish. I look forward to being able to spend time with my hands in the soil, strengthening my connection to land and plant.

Although I generally don't celebrate Imbolc, I took the time this year to honour it in a way that sat right with me. I did this by planting lots of seeds. I think I probably went slightly mad but that's half the fun. There is Clary Sage, Angelica, Rue, Chamomile, Chickweed, Tea Tree, Yarrow, Red Clover, Meadowsweet, Pennyroyal, Heartease, Datura and more. They sit in a sunny position, the alfalfa and cress already greeting the day, a small nub of green in the Cayenne section will soon be a lovely little seedling.

The Sarsaparilla is climbing all over the place, looking lovely, hiding in amongst the Banksia Rose.

Yellow always brightens the day when winter is grey and unwelcoming.

A young Crow often sits in our trees, the immature caw an interesting sound. We've been getting a lot of Crows this year, more so than usual which is nice as I adore these birds!

And my Mandrakes, autumnalis and turcomanica are growing. I am hoping that this time I have a successful plant come to maturity. We have a complicated relationship, Mandrake & I, so this time I would love to have a fully grown, fruiting plant!

So the garden is beginning to turn, soon I will plant out apple, peach, chestnut, elm and ash. I will work over the gardens, adding nutrients of compost, manure and soil. I will embrace the garden and feed her, watching her flourish and praying that come summer, she is able to thrive and survive despite the temperatures we get.